The signals that trigger hair growth

Scientists say that the cure for baldness is on the way, they discovered the source of the signals, which "motivates" the growth of hair.

A team of researchers from Yale University have identified stem cells in the fat layer of the skin, whose molecular signals necessary to stimulate hair growth in mice.

Study leader Professor Valerie HORSLEY notes that if scientists can output similar to the fat cells in the base of the hair follicles, they will be able to get hair to grow again.

In men with male pattern hair loss hair follicles lose their ability to regenerate, to restore functionality they need special signals from the skin, but the source of these signals was unclear.

It was found that when dying hair, and decreases the layer of fatty tissue under them, and when hair growth resumes increases and the skin layer. Hair regeneration in mice was found to be necessary regeneration of the fat cells of the skin. These cells in turn produce PDGF molecules necessary for playback of hair.

Currently, scientists are trying to identify other signals that play a role in the regulation of hair growth.

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