The ShoulderFlex massager life-threatening

One person was killed and one was almost suffocated while using shoulder ShoulderFlex massager, says the report of the Department of supervision of food and drugs of the United States. This massager is used at home to massage the back, shoulders, neck in the supine position.

Portable massager pillow features a rotating roller with a massage surface, the rotation and the speed and depth of massage is easily adjustable on the control panel.

Directorate for quality control of food and drugs encourages consumers this massager to stop using it because of the danger of suffocation and other serious injuries. The deaths and injuries occurred when the rotating part of the massager came collar using the apparatus.

On a rotating platen can also become entangled chains, hair, clothes, to twist and strangle the man.

Although in 2003 it sold 11 934 units ShoulderFlex, management nevertheless advises consumers not to use it. And when you dispose it to separate massage cushion from the power supply.

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