The shortness of breath. Fight it actively!

Healthy, but not too trained person, after a quick Jogging or climbing stairs there is shortness of breath. This is normal. The main manifestations of the pathological shortness of breath, feeling of shortage of air at normal loads and even at rest. This shortness of breath requires a medical examination, because the cause of her need to find out as soon as possible. There are several reasons for the lack of oxygen in the body, but is also lack the same: the brain receives a corresponding signal and breathing quickens. With the first cause shortness of breath, physiological, will help you to cope regular aerobic exercise. It is not dangerous for health and load handling is as simple as the resuscitator to choose a portable pulse oximeter, which determine oksiginatsiyu blood, i.e. nasusunog it with oxygen. Shortness of breath can be caused by emotional stress or panic attacks. This is due to the fact that anger, fear, anxiety intensify production of adrenaline by the adrenal glands. Adrenaline requires increased oxygen saturation of blood (a condition called hyperventilation). Adrenaline causes palpitations and increases intestinal peristalsis. Another reason for the shortness of breath - anemia (anemia). Anemia is characterized to a greater extent for women. Diagnose anemia on the basis of common blood. When the reduced hemoglobin is below normal, prescribe iron supplementation, which should take not less than two months. Of great importance and proper nutrition. Well-absorbed iron from the liver and red meat, plant products, including grenades and buckwheat, not so good. For best absorption of iron in parallel taking vitamin C. Not less rarely occurs dyspnea in patients with COPD, and then struggle with it is to treat the underlying disease. The fourth reason apnea is obesity. Obesity is not just a cosmetic effect and not just overweight. The heart is forced to pump blood in a huge layer of fat, constantly working with overload. In addition, the fat that covers the lungs and heart with a thick layer, prevents normal breathing. The main danger is just internal fat, and not external, for example, the fat on the thighs and abdomen. Obesity is a serious disease that requires the patient to recover a solid effort. To start losing fat should gradually, under medical supervision. During this one-month stay on the diet won't work, will make sense only after a full review of diet and physical activity.

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