The shock helps to get rid of disturbing memories - the experiment

Scientists have found a new way to quickly and permanently get rid of negative memories and reduce symptoms of depression, writes The Times of India. The method was developed using shock therapy. Scientists propose to apply a shock for therapeutic purposes and to deliver with it from bad thoughts.

Special electrode is located directly on the patient's head, then fed the current that penetrates into the brain. Scientists at the University of Nijmegen found that the rational method allows to deal with negative emotions and depression. Current lays out every emotion in its place, and the bad thoughts disappear. Already marked positive effect, which has been proven in trials to 42 volunteers. People first watched videos of accidents, then undergoing electrical stimulation.

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The next day the majority could not recall the details of a terrible video. However, immediately after therapy people could accurately reproduce viewed. This indicates the start of the reform process memories, which takes time. Scientists say that the most important thing is to find the optimal time for shock treatment. It is quite possible that in the near future really opens institutions ready for the money to save people from bad memories.

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