The secret of low cholesterol is in heavy Breakfast and a light dinner

Scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem conducted a study involving 18 human volunteers aged 30 to 70 years. All participants were diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type II, there was very high body mass Index (from 22 to 35). As primary therapy people were receiving Metformin and / or adhered to the diet. Data provided by the publication of Zee News.

It turned out diet B, which includes a rich and healthy Breakfast and a light dinner had the best results. Cholesterol with a combination of diet and drug therapy were maintained at optimum values. A group of people, tightly ate dinner and ignoring the Breakfast had quite high levels of cholesterol and glucose in blood, which was reflected in their General condition.

Researchers are advised to use all the capabilities of modern pharmacological drugs and combine them with a proper diet and an active lifestyle. You should not self-medicate, and all their actions should be agreed with your doctor. In the case of diabetes of the second type will help endocrinologist.

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