The secret of eternal youth has finally opened

In a small formation at the base of the brain - the pituitary gland induces the production of growth hormone. It is necessary for the normal growth of children, and to update organs and tissues. With age, the gland produces less and less of the hormone, and ultimately, the body begins to age.

As I believe the American experts from the Mayo clinic, the application for rejuvenation of synthetic growth hormone is fraught with very serious problems and is a threat to health.

Side effects in this aspect are the following diseases: heart failure, and diabetes. However, there are ways that help to increase production of the hormone natural method and without any complications. For example, getting rid of the fat "deposits" in the abdomen favors the decrease in the rate of decrease in the body's growth hormone. Also, sports and maintaining an active lifestyle assist in the maintenance of sufficient quantities of the hormone level.

As for food, food with a high glycemic index, increases in blood sugar levels, thereby suppressing the secretion of growth hormone. In this regard, the last meal of the day should be given special attention. Dinner with a small amount of food and yet high in protein and low in carbohydrates helps in the production of growth hormone.

During the night of sleep secreted the highest amount of growth hormone, and because sleep deprivation results in a decrease of the level above hormone and as a consequence, the rapid wear of the organism.

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