Scientists from Harvard University have proved that a diet with a predominance of fish and seafood reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 30% compared to the average. The life expectancy of people sitting on the Mediterranean diet for 2 years longer.

The seafood consumption prolongs life – scientists

Researchers divided the three thousand elderly volunteers from America into two groups. People from the first group in the study consumed as the main source of energy seafood. Volunteers from the second group were able to stick to your standard diet.

Volunteers from time to time, he underwent medical examination, medical tests. The body of people sitting on the Mediterranean diet was significantly stronger. The risk of heart attacks in the first group was reduced by 30% compared with the control group.

Fatty acids and proteins that are included with fish, necessary for normal functioning of all organs and systems of man. Don't have to eat seafood every day for positive effect is enough for 2-3 servings of fish per week.

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