The scientists said, what foods will help parents to raise a child Prodigy

Experts in nutrition said, what foods the greatest impact on the intellectual abilities of a small child. Only takes into account data on about 600 children.

The health of a future baby lays in the womb. That is why the first thing should think a pregnant woman is a proper diet. Doctors recommend to use during pregnancy as more "neutral" fruits. These are fruits that are almost never cause allergies: apples, pears, plums, apricots. Strawberries and citrus are also possible, but in limited quantities.

With all this abuse the plant food is not worth it. Useful properties for children have fat varieties of sea and ocean fish. Importantly, the product has not been frozen several times. Carbohydrates are important not less, only the use of "fast" carbohydrates (chocolate, cheap pasta, semolina) it is better to minimize. As a means for rapid recharging of the body they fit well, but not for regular meals.

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