The scientists said that the hardest part of quitting cigarettes

The most difficult to get through the first three months without Smoking, say scientists from the University of lübeck. They conducted brain scans of 30 smokers and 15 nonsmokers. The result has been to answer the question of why nicotine addiction is not developing at all. Other insights and nuances of the work done can be found on the pages of Zee News.

The study showed that smokers production of dopamine is reduced by 15-20% compared to normal rates. Three months after quitting cigarettes dopamine levels to normal. Before the body can experience the so-called pangs of withdrawal. It is the lack of dopamine pushes a person to smoke a cigarette and return to the habit.

According to statistics, most failures happen in the first three months after quitting. The study confirmed this information once again, just on the other side. Researchers recommend that smokers, who decided on the responsible and correct thing to do, to prepare for the challenges in advance. May need will help preparations for the restoration of the dopamine system.

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