The scientists said, some household chemicals most dangerous to children

Some cleaning products and detergents can cause a young child irreparable nonsense. Scientists from the USA conducted a study and found, in what situations children most often get poisoning by household chemicals.

It took 62 to perform thousands of calls in a medical toxicology service. The hospital staff handles each call and records all the nuances in the Protocol for further processing.

As it turned out, most children swallow detergents in the form of capsules and tablets. Household chemicals in a new form loved by Housewives. Thanks to special capsules can't measure every time you need a serving of powder, but just throw the ball with chemistry in the washing machine.

That's just not the manufacturers of Laundry detergents, nor the parents themselves do not think that the shape color capsule engages the child. This is why children often swallow a tasteless pill bright colors than eat washing powder.

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