The scientists said about the revolutionary way of developing creative thinking

British neuroscientists has developed a very original way of development of a person so-called creative thinking. The term "creative" implies the ability to find creative approaches to particular problems, to be creative and find original solutions. The detailed results of scientific research on this topic you can find on the pages of authoritative scientific publication Scientific Reports.

In a series of experiments was attended by a small group consisting of several volunteers. With the help of special equipment the organizers of the experiment carried out the stimulation of special economic zones in the brain of each participant, develop their thus the ability to think non-trivial and to develop new approaches to solving those or other problems.

According to one of the authors of the methodology Caroline Luft (researcher, University of London Queen Mary), in recent years this subject has attracted serious attention of scholars, resulting in a large number of relevant studies and various experiments in which it was possible to draw a conclusion about the ability of the electric and magnetic fields of different intensity or otherwise affect the operation of the human brain. Moreover, the impact of this may be both positive and negative.

The participants of the pilot programme was proposed to solve some not very complicated mathematical tasks, the main feature of which consisted in the extraordinary approach to wording conditions. The fact that absolutely no figures and mathematical operators have not been printed or handwritten, the organizers of the study laid out their of matches. It was supposed to require the volunteers of manifestation of the creativity, the purpose of which is to develop and set out the scientists.

The results showed that blocking of one of the areas of the brain (in this case it is the so-called posterolateral prefrontal cortex) largely contributes to the activation of the human lateral thinking, which helps him considerably faster and more likely to successfully solve problems of such a plan.

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