The scientists published 10 common causes of death among men

Experts from the Institute for the study and evaluation of health analysed the major causes of male mortality in the world. The study took almost 25 years, as a result, the doctors received the most accurate rankings of causes of death among the male population.

The first three: high blood pressure, Smoking and obesity. All three factors are linked. Obesity and Smoking increases the load on the cardiovascular system, harmful habits, among other things, leads to cancer and diseases of the respiratory system.

In fourth place was diabetes associated with malnutrition. The disease doctors call "the disease is old and lazy." Followed a diet with a high salt content.

Alcoholism takes sixth place among other causes of male mortality, on the seventh – the lack of vitamins and minerals. Eighth and ninth places are held by environmental factors – contaminated environment and the combustion of solid fuels near settlements.

The list closes high cholesterol in the body. The blockage of blood vessels cholesterol plaques greatly increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

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