The scientists intend to start production of chips from jellyfish

Recently revealed that fans of the crispy treats can soon discover that for making this very in demand product, instead of the potatoes were used jellyfish.

Danish scientists believe that this method of manufacturing chips may be in many respects highly effective, despite the fact that these inhabitants of the deep sea is still perceived only as a hindrance for swimming.

It is reported that experts from Denmark have been able to develop technology that will allow you to turn jellyfish into a quite suitable basis for the mass production of fast food.

For a start are encouraged to soak them in alcohol (to remove all moisture), then after drying the product will be salt, adding a special alum, which is a alkaline materials. According to the authors of the method, a full cycle of the new chips is just over four weeks.

While made from jellyfish chips will not differ their own distinct flavor characteristics, and their shape will be very similar to traditional potato.

By the way, the question of giving them a taste of the aforementioned root, the researchers also promise to eventually accomplish.

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