The scientists explained why wash new clothes

New clothes can be a source of allergic reactions, says Donald Balista, a dermatologist at the Medical Center of Columbia University. Things from the store are often treated with chemicals, sometimes they settle small insects, ticks and lice. The advice is simple: wash all new things with an extra rinse. Kind of fabric it does not matter, writes The Daily Mail.

In the clothing of the Chinese production, the concentration of hazardous chemicals may exceed the allowed indices 900 times. The most common use of formaldehyde. This substance prevents the wrinkling of fabric, does not allow mold to grow on it. Formaldehyde causes allergies, several researchers said the increased risk of cancer with regular contact with the substance.

Cause allergies and aniline dyes. They are often used in the manufacture of synthetic fabrics. Even after washing unbound dye particles remain on the clothes, so Donald Balisto advises to wash before you wear at least twice. Then the risk of itching and inflammation of the skin is minimized.

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