The scientists explained why "speed Dating" luck is not all

It would seem, to meet the day with a dozen potential partners – one of the best ideas. However, statistics show that the majority of people participating in "speed Dating" goes with anything. Scientists have tried to understand what affects success, and the blame was placed on genes.

A group of researchers from the University of California conducted a survey of 262 volunteers. People have offered to meet with three persons of the opposite sex. On one date is strictly allotted three minutes. The mutual sympathy partners reported only in the event itself. Next, the genome of the volunteers came under the microscope

Special attention researchers have paid to the variety of genes 1438 A/G and A118G. Researchers have linked these genes with the projection of the person to others. Put simply, it is the more work 1438 A/G and A118G, the male behaves insistently, and the woman is submissive.

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