The scientists explained why during the run there is a feeling of euphoria

The runners during intense workouts and after experiencing a pleasant feeling of euphoria. This particularly applies to long distance runners. Scientists have proven, it's all in the happiness hormone dopamine system and other compounds contained in the brain. This writes Science World Report.

Leptin is the hormone contained in the body of all mammals. This substance in humans determines the sense of motivation. Known fact: successful runners low level of leptin. This allows them to increase stamina in running long distances. Scientists consider not only physical data but also the hormones affect the success of athletes.

In the experiment, the scientists reduced the activity of the STAT3 protein in laboratory mice. This is the compound found in the brain, helps in the synthesis of the hormone of happiness and regulated by leptin, affects motivation.

Scientists have noticed, the suppression of protein forced the animals to run through the day for long distances. Such mice less tired, spend less time searching and absorption of food.

If you will be using the information collected in professional sports or not, time will tell. Comments of the Commission on sports doping yet.

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