The scientists established that chemotherapy is the cause of recurrence of cancer

The latest issue of the journal Nature contained the publication in which it was told about the finding, claiming that the chemotherapy drugs are designed to defeat cancer, actually have the ability provocations re-emergence of the disease by damaging DNA.

Indeed, chemotherapy leads to DNA damage not only cancer, but also healthy cells. But now scientists at the genome Institute of the University (Washington, USA) was witnessed by the fact that chemotherapy is a provocation by the re-emergence of acute myeloid leukemia. Although the mechanism is similar capable to function with other types of cancer.

During the DNA analysis proved this assumption. As it turned out, people with re-occurred leukemia mutations differed from mutations that were present in primary tumors. In cancer cells secondary type was especially pronounced damage to the DNA chain, says one of the study's authors, John Dipersio.

Researchers have been decrypted code DNA of cancer cells to chemotherapy and after the disease had returned. For the study were taken from eight patients. The resulting genetic sequence compared with healthy cells, which were taken from the same patients. These studies have allowed us to trace the evolution of cancer cells in each individual patient.

All patients were accepted anthracycline and cytarabine to cancer to draw in the remission phase. Also adopted additional chemotherapy, which is designed to protect from repeated manifestations of cancer. Researchers have isolated the DNA from specimens of cancer cells, and spent 600 single ordering of each area, in order to obtain accurate results.

The result was the following: once again returned the cancer cells had a large number of new mutations, as originally intended. In fact, mutations remained, but the percentage in comparison with mutations in primary tumors was insignificant.

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