The scientists: a small child is to be protected from tablet computers

Tablet computers firmly in the life of modern man. Often parents allow 2-3 year old children to play games during queues and travel. However, scientists believe that tablet computers and cell phones are harmful to children. Children up to two years worth of fully protected from any screen, and after two to minimize stay near them.

A recent study showed that frequent games with tablet computers can cause serious adverse side effects system coordination and tactile sensations of the child. The fact that at this age the child needs full-fledged toys that develop large and small motor skills. Tablets are such a function does not have. In addition, their use is associated with an additional load on the vision that in the future may result in myopia or strabismus.

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The most reasonable solution is to replace the digitizer on paper and pencils with inks. So the baby knows the world will open up opportunities for creativity, develop motor skills. This eye strain is minimal. Often children are drawing and other games together, which develops the skills of communication. As for older children, games for mobile devices should be reduced to two hours a day maximum.

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