The scientists: a skin cell can be a cell of the brain

Scientists Gladstone with the support of experts from the University of California (San Francisco) has been experienced by reprogramming the skin cell into a functional network of brain cells by genetic factors.

This occurred in several stages. First introduced Sox2 gene in the cell of the skin, after a few days the cell has changed in the induced neural stem is an early stage of development of the cells of the brain stem.

These induced neural stem cells began self-degraded into neurons capable of transmitting electrical signals. During the month of neurons joined the network.

Created by early embryonic stem cells, several genetic factors have caused the risk of tumor development. In this study, Dr. Huang has used only one genetic factor reprogramming of one cell type to another, bypassing embryonic stem cells.

"We wanted to see if the generated neurons to cause tumors after transplantation into mouse brain. Instead, we saw the reprogrammed cells integrated into the mouse brain, and have not encountered a single case of tumor development".

"If you define what genes control the development of each type of neurons, then artificially will be able to create any type of neuron in a Petri dish with a single sample of human skin cells," said Dr. Huang.

"This will help us to more quickly develop drugs against neurodegenerative diseases,"said Dr. Huang from Gladstone.

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Research gives new hope in the fight against many incurable neurological disease. Thanks to this transformation of the cells, it will be possible to get rid of serious diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease.

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