The scientists: a simple hug alleviate pain

Scientists have found: a simple hug have an incredible effect. It turns out that they help in the treatment of mental and physical illness, depression and anxiety. Hugs help cope with feelings of loneliness, writes The Times of India. Research proves that hugs increase the sense of trust in the person and improve his condition.

This is due to higher content of oxytocin, hormone good mood. When positive emotions to release oxytocin joins the synthesis of serotonin, the happiness hormone. These substances significantly increase self-esteem, because everyone wants a respectful and gentle attitude. Scientists believe that hugs remind the person of his early childhood, where they were associated with positive emotions and the love of a mother.

The study showed that when the arms of the man relaxes, reduces pain, increases the rate of passage of blood through the vessels. Normal state of the nervous and cardiovascular system. The effect of hugs scientists compare with meditation and laughter therapy: in these classes also emits hormones of happiness.

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