The scientists: a night without sleep improves mood and relieves depression

Scientists from England and Holland proved: one sleepless night can elevate mood and relieve symptoms of depression. Experts have analyzed the plasma of volunteers, sleeping at night and decided to spend the night without sleep. Blood the last scientists have found elevated levels of serotonin, taurine and tryptophan. These compounds are natural antidepressants, they enhance the mood and save man from apathy and depression.

Do not engage in such practices, if you have health problems. Regular lack of sleep has never resulted in improved functioning of the nervous system. There are cases when physical and mental exhaustion led to metabolic disorders and serious diseases.

It is likely that the leap "hormones of happiness" is to compensate for the stress processes in the human body. Scientists are advised to adhere to the established standards and to adhere sleep and wakefulness.

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