The scientists: a history of the Ebola virus has 20 million years

The researchers conducted an analysis of the structure of the Ebola virus of the filovirus. Information received history of the development of one of the most deadly agents has about 20 million years.

A type of virus originated in the Miocene epoch. Previously, scientists thought that the Ebola virus was 10 thousand years ago, however, the work aimed at revealing patterns and search vaccines showed the amazing history of the virus.

Data were established during the analysis of the genotypes of apes. 16-23 million years ago in the DNA of animals already showed changes associated with the introduction of one of the filovirus.

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Note, all information on the Ebola virus is extremely important for the scientific community. Ebola has a high contagion rate and a large proportion of deaths among infected with the virus. Work on the vaccine continues.

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