The same profession spouses is the enemy of family life

Couples with similar places of work and positions more likely to have problems in their personal lives than those who are engaged in various directions, concluded researchers from the University of Bedfordshire in England.

In research took part 291 scientist whose partners also worked in the field of education, 350 academic staff whose partners worked in positions in other areas. There were 32 of an online survey with scientists, whose second half was also engaged in science. All couples have said about their relationships, about work and personal life, and also how many hours a day they spend at work, and much - loved.

It turned out that couples with similar jobs much more problems with work and personal life, they worked every day for longer and were more committed to work than his personal life than those who work in different fields.

- Greater number of pairs with the same professions, which is typical for men .working in the field of education, most likely solve operational issues in personal time, which threatens not only the relationship with your partner, and work, " said Professor Gail Kliman. Although it would seem the same profession give more General topics and strengthen mutual understanding, such couples are waiting for their partners more support, and can rarely establish boundaries between personal and work, in such pairs conflicts occurred more frequently.

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