The Russians will be given genetic passports

Genetic certification will be a protective mechanism for the Russians in the case of chemical and biological threats. According to "RBC", in accordance with the approved state program, the appearance of such documents is possible by 2025.

The introduction of genetic passports is to assist in monitoring the risks of chemical and biological order that is listed in the decree of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin "on a personal human genome and the formation of the genetic profile of the population." On the basis of the document will be created a national repository of blood samples to monitor infectious diseases.

While not specified, it will look like a genetic passport. Experts put forward various hypotheses. So, according to the Director of medical genetic center Genotek Valery Ilyinsky, it can be of two types: forensic and detailed.

The first involves a set of genetic indicators with which to identify the person. This type is used for offenders and people whose employment is of a higher level of risk (soldiers, firemen). With this document, you can easily find the culprit or to carry out the identification of the deceased.

Second passport describes individual health threats. This type is more expensive. The representative of the "SKOLKOVO" Fund Kirill Kaem said that the officials will support this version of identity document. In addition, he stressed that such a passport will allow you to identify a person's predisposition to cancer and other pathologies that have genetic origin.

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