The Russians in recent years has ceased to panic and not afraid of anything

With the same statement was made by the Chief psychiatrist of Ministry of health Zurab Kekelidze. According to recent reports, the Russians have learned to live in the conditions of crisis and sanctions. Impact on the emotional background and the terrorist attacks in Paris, the catastrophe A321.

Now people have become more cautious, less likely to gather in large groups. Kekelidze believes, is influenced by the media, determining a level of alarm for the society. Now with television and the Internet spreads information, how to behave in extreme situations. Note, the number of calls to the crisis helpline in recent months has not decreased.

The economic crisis has developed in a certain part of Russians are immune to market fluctuations. People have learned to plan the budget, to control costs. Returned faith only in themselves and not in the government assistance and social programs.

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