The Russians believe that diseases are caused by old age and not from bad habits - survey

VTSIOM conducted a global survey of residents of Russia. According to the latest data, 43% of Russians are satisfied with the condition of his health. Note, this figure exceeds the previous survey conducted five years ago in the half. This chronic disease affects 40% of the population.

Draws attention to the fact that every fourth person knows that he has hypertension significantly increases the risk of death from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In 14% of Russians are health problems that require medical intervention in the hospital. The survey proved that the inhabitants of the country adequately assess the state of his health. The majority believes that the cause of illness - aging, whereas in most cases it's bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle, bad ecology.

Every fifth Respondent refers to lack of time or drugs, lack of regular activities. Few people remembered during an interview about the need to monitor their health.

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Experts believe that it is necessary to break the stereotype that medicine can cure any disease. Generic pills, unfortunately, does not exist. Much cheaper and better to prevent disease than in the future to deal with them.

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