The Russians accused the doctors in a low skill level

The people of Russia are concerned about the state of modern medicine. 47% of people believe the main problem of domestic medicine low qualification of doctors. 37% of respondents in the survey said they had poor equipment clinics with modern equipment. Every third volunteer was convinced that the lack of budget funds partially to blame for the problems in the field of medical care.

15% are concerned about the inaccessibility even of free medicine. According to the respondents, every third inhabitant of Russia at least once in his life faced with medical errors (by himself or his relatives, acquaintances). With all this to the insurance company because of the poor quality of assistance was used only in 5% of cases.

"I think many of those who said that were aware of their rights, in fact, know about those that were guaranteed, figuratively speaking, in 1977, and rest assured that since nothing really has changed," says General Director of the Institute of regional problems Dmitry Zhuravlev.

Doctors, says Pavel Rogozin, candidate of medical Sciences, offers fine for use in the practice of the methods whose effectiveness is not confirmed by evidence-based medicine. All experiments health must lie entirely on the shoulders of the patient. The doctor – to be a source of skilled care.

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