The Russian scientists propose to cure cancer with nanoparticles

Research group of Moscow state University. Lomonosov together with colleagues from the German University are developing a new efficient tool for the treatment of cancer. They believe that the nanoparticles are combined with modern drugs that can increase the effectiveness of therapy in several times and reduce its toxicity.

Now we are talking about two directions: the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using nanoparticles. According to experiments, this method provides exact delivery of drug to tumor cells. As a result, the drug acts like a sniper rifle, removing only the cancer. Healthy tissue while suffering minimal.

While there is only the data on the experiments on the culture of breast cancer cells. In them, scientists have placed nanoparticles of silicon. A chemical element was subjected to decay and literally within the third day was derived from the experimental culture.

Note that while domestic scientists are at the stage of trial and error. It will be years before the introduction of the method in real clinical practice. Up to this point, doctors recommend to stick to the traditional methods of cancer treatment: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and other methods with proven efficacy.

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