The Russian market has penetrated dangerous breast implants

Member of European society of plastic surgeons, plastic surgeon Ivan Kashnikov States: "recently, the public was excited by the scandal, which involved one of the world leaders in the production of silicone implants, and specifically the company PIP. The implants above the manufacturer's filled with industrial silicone, what he has saved significant funds were guilty of provoking breast cancer and subsequently withdrawn.

Moreover, it became known that the company had long eluded numerous commissions and inspections to hide the switch. News about feedback implants in society can cause a reasoned question: "how are things with different checks in Russia?"

Verification of these products and their admission to the markets of the country lies within the competence of the CPS and the health Ministry. Undoubtedly, Russia has conducted numerous operations that used the implant manufacturer PIP. For example, one of the now-defunct clinic implants above the manufacturer has installed more than 2 thousands of women.

Therefore, those women who have established these implants, it is strongly recommended to pass a comprehensive examination. In connection with the situation around these implants, for example, in some clinics now launched a campaign to remove PIP implants free of charge. It depends on the factor, where and by whom the implants were installed.

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