The staff of the state Duma is considering the possibility for patients to have a video of the surgery, conducted under General anesthesia. The proposal was made by the Deputy from "Fair Russia" Alexander Ageev. He drew attention: each year, the surgeons leave about three thousand foreign objects inside patients.

The presence of the video should protect patients from unscrupulous doctors, and the doctors themselves – from unjustified libel. According to the proposal, the patient may request to videotape the operation. Materials clinic be obliged to provide upon request of the patient.

"I think we should fight it only by means of tightening the personal responsibility of all persons involved in the delivery of health care. In case of fault the necessary unambiguous disqualification of the prohibition to engage in medical practice on any profile. Practice shows that the majority of such cases ends with administrative fines or dismissals, but it is not enough", - says Vladimir Slepak, Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of Russia for social support of citizens and quality of life.

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