The Russian doctors shared their secrets of longevity

It helps to follow simple rules to prolong your life for decades, ensuring a happy old age without burdening diseases. Regular screening and a healthy lifestyle, say scientists, are the basis of longevity.

In General, the life expectancy is influenced by dozens of factors ranging from genetic predisposition to a particular disease to the external environment and bad habits. Note, only 20% of health is laid by nature, the rest of the people in power change.

Physicians are advised to fully relax after the working day so the body does not accumulate stress, fatigue and lack of sleep. Should be given to sleep at least seven hours a night and try to fall asleep early. It is proved that the early night hours give much more energy.

Physical activity – a guarantee of longevity. Good nutrition and regular exercise can extend life up to 80-90 years, physicians consider. Aerobic exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and promote normal blood circulation

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