The risk of stroke increase cigarettes with menthol

Recently Dr. Nicholas Motorism of the Hospital of St. Michael's (Toronto, Canada) made a statement: "Cigarettes with menthol is many times more dangerous than usual (without additives)". However, what is the real reason, unknown to him, reported Reuters.

Vasaris together with colleagues carried out a monitoring 5028 smokers and found: "overall, about 26% of people smoked cigarettes with menthol. From this group of smokers 3,4% suffered a stroke, which was caused by a blood clot that blocked the blood flow to the brain. Among men, Smoking conventional cigarettes, strokes was observed in 2.7%".

Taking into account all factors, menthol cigarettes according to experts, the risk of stroke was increased more than two times. Especially this difference was clearly visible in women and representatives of all groups-ethnic groups, with the exception of the Americans, the descendants of whom came from the African continent. Among this category of people, the risk was almost tripled.

It is particularly notable that scientists found a link stroke with Smoking cigarettes with menthol additives, but not in any time with either high pressure. Quite possibly, was provoked strokes due to the fact that menthol had a detrimental effect on the vessels of the circulatory system, which in the brain did the blood. Although, probably lovers cigarettes with menthol was just much harder to refuse tobacco, because its taste was interrupted menthol.

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