The risk of heart attack increases twice fried and soda

Scientists from the University of Alabama conducted a study involving men and women aged 45 years and older. None of the volunteers had at the start of the study, problems with the cardiovascular system. Scientists conducted an analysis of changes occurring in the body observed from 2003 to 2007. All volunteers were divided into five groups, writes The Daily Mail.

The first group ate a lot of fried foods and sweet drinks. In the second group were fans of semi-finished products. In the third – the adherents of a healthy diet, the volunteers of the fourth group consumed a lot of sweet, and the people from fifth to abused alcohol.

The subjects from the first group, who are accustomed to fatty foods soda, cardiovascular disease was manifested within one and a half times more often than people who ate correctly. Harmful diet accelerated the approach of a heart attack six years. And the result did not depend on sex, or ethnicity of volunteers.

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