The risk of diseases of the brain can be reduced through yoga – scientists

For the development of the brain more useful yoga classes, what personal growth courses and reading books on psychology. This statement was made by scientists from the University of California. In their study they proved that yoga and meditation are two best methods of maintaining the health of the nervous system. The results says Zee News.

The study involved 25 volunteers over 55 years of age. The first group attended weekly courses on memory training. In addition to training scientists asked people to engage in self-development of memory in 20 minutes a day. The subjects of the second group once a week did yoga in the group and for 20 minutes a day independently. Used Kundalini yoga. In India this type of yoga is a great way to prevent memory loss.

According to the data obtained after 12 weeks visible improvement in the memorization of information occurred in the first and in the second group. In this case the best results were achieved by the volunteers, engaged in yoga, they have developed not only verbal, but also visual-spatial memory.

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