The risk of developing depression: Early puberty

Symptoms of depression become a real scourge of modern humanity. Specialists working in the field of research on this question, there are two things. First time - over time updated list of factors that could be one reason for the development of depression. The second - most experts agree that the disease is depression so to speak is becoming younger. This is eloquently says, and medical statistics.

A group of researchers at the University of Melbourne (Australia), it was found that the most powerful factor in the development of depression in young people can be sexual maturation, which is due to the acceleration occurs prematurely.

For a thorough study of this issue it was decided to invite a hundred and fifty people (teenagers) in the age categories from 13 to 18 years. All subjects were conducted MRI brain scans. On the basis of indicators carried out the above procedure was found - teenagers who before all others survived puberty, had a great largest pituitary gland. It is a factor that increased the size of the pituitary gland determines a higher propensity to development and susceptibility to depression.

The pituitary gland is a single body that relates to the brain. This organ produces the hormone responsible for feelings and emotions of human nature occurring during puberty.

The organizers of the research believe that in connection with the results of the study, young people who have experienced premature puberty, should be observed psychologists-professionals.

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