The risk of depression increases due to birth control pills – the scientists

Scientists have found the explanation why women are almost two times more often than men suffer from depression. Hormonal contraceptives, experts say, have an effect on the nervous system of women. As a result, the risk of depression and other mental disorders increases, writes

Experts from the University of Copenhagen analyzed the data about one million women. The average age in the group of volunteers was 24 years. No one at the beginning of the study did not have symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses.

Scientists followed the women for 6 years. Approximately half during this time took hormonal contraceptives.

Research has proven that oral contraceptives and progestinonly pills significantly increased the likelihood of depression (about 1.2-1.3 times). Particularly the risk of depression is increased among adolescent girls, who decided to protect themselves with the help of pharmaceuticals. They have the likelihood of depression was increased in two times.

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