The risk of death increases twice as medical illiteracy

A group of British scientists in the new statistical studies concluded that illiteracy medical personnel, namely the lack of clear knowledge about specific drugs, their assignments, and whether the dosage is one of the major factors that affect the increase of the level of deaths in the age category after 65 years.

In England every third elderly person according to researchers poorly informed about accept him the drugs, and as a result, the risk of death from overdose, or any side effects of drugs caused due to irrational use doubles the risk of death. Interestingly, in this case the risk is continuous and if the patients had completed a specific course of treatment using drugs that increased the risk of death from side effects that were caused by medication, to a greater or lesser extent over the next five years is maintained.

According to the researchers, the rate of illiteracy in the field of medicine with age progresses, because the older people get more and more factors that prevent them from truly to understand and understand all the intricacies of taking drugs. Research scientists have found that in 65-year-old order of 67.5% and more older people had the highest rate of awareness in the health issue, as a medium-informed were classified 20% (in the proposed test made one mistake) and low literacy had a 12.5% (correct answer - 1-2 or none).

After 75 years among older people the medical illiteracy has increased by 33%, and after 80 years in the issues of their own treatment could not understand already, every second an old man. For the duration of the study died of 6.1% (321) among the highest literacy in health care, 9% (143) average category and 16% (157) low category literacy.

According to researchers, in addition to all the amendment was made in respect of the quality of medical care that was provided. The doctor each case must explain to the patient what they vitally need to know about accept him the drugs more effectively. Scientists advise relatives to try in every way to participate in the process of medication elderly, in order to eliminate the likelihood of any errors.

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