The risk of bowel disease increases the Western diet

So-called diet of the West, the main feature of which is the fact that its observance should eat a large amount of saturated fats can cause to the development of basic and fairly common diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract according to a new study published in the journal Nature.

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago was the analysis of the lifestyle and health of tens of thousands of Americans in the course of which it was concluded that in recent years, the number of the following diseases: ulcerative colitis and ulcers significantly increased (from 1980-ies of the order of three times). This happened because Western society has refused a healthy diet. The so-called Western diet it is a traditional food eggs, meat, salty and fried foods, and eating foods that contain a significant amount of calories.

"Our colleagues from Canada a few years earlier, it was found that the Western diet is the most harmful of all at present existing in the world. Such a categorical statement below has a consistent rationale, because today we know that it is on its most ardent supporters of this system of power accounts for about 35 percent of all that happens in the world of heart attacks and, of course, diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. The risk of heart attacks and strokes in an average increase of almost four times. We also found that the power based on a Western diet, necessarily entails the violation of the "truce" between the bacterial flora of the intestine and immune system. The result of this truce is a sharp increase in the risk of inflammation and autoimmune diseases. On the background of the "battle" two protective systems of an organism must interact - penetration and development in the human gut harmful organisms, equally as free radicals, it becomes inevitable," says Susan Devkota, one of the authors of the survey.

Moreover, in the view of scientists is powered by a Western diet can not only weaken the intestinal flora and the immune background of a person, but also cause the transfer of such problems even inherited. In other words, destroyed the Western diet health is laid in the genotype, and the heir parents who had been eating the wrong risks have all acquired their problems from birth.

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