The risk of autism is increased from pesticides, the study showed

Pesticides, substances for destruction of mosquitoes, significantly increase the likelihood of developing the child's autism. About it tell results of research of scientists from new York (USA).

Pesticides themselves carry the good function. Certain types of mosquitoes carry viruses of encephalitis: Eastern equine and. When injected into the human blood, these viruses cause severe swelling of the brain and spinal cord, says Zee News. Pesticides are often sprayed around the fields with vegetables and fruits with the help of aircraft.

As it turned out, the way all good except one. Pesticides, once in large amounts in food, can trigger the development of the future child of autism. Note that this data is estimated, and risk factors of autism, scientists have identified more than a hundred. However, the nature of this disease remains unknown, but to consume contaminated vegetables experts do not recommend. It is dangerous to health.

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