The risk of asthma in children increases due to viral infections

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract can increase the risk of asthma, if we are talking about viral diseases. To such conclusion experts from the Children's hospital Lurie. They proved that increased gene activity of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) has a relationship with the pathology of respiratory system. Typically, PAI-1 increases its activity during the body's fight against viruses.

The study involved 3,500 children aged 8-21 years. The probability of asthma in children with defined clones of PAI-1 was increased 17 times. The presence of medical card records transferred serious diseases of the upper respiratory tract increases the probability of asthma at 12 times, writes

Note, asthma is a disease, the cause of which lies in the immune system. At the moment asthma refers to a chronic disease that requires constant monitoring. Many factors affect the development of asthma. Not so long ago scientists proved that taking paracetamol on a pregnant woman increases the probability of disease in the unborn child.

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