The risk of acquiring aggressive prostate cancer increases by 40% when drinking soda

Men who are fond of drinking carbonated drinks, not only harm their teeth, but are at risk, exposed to aggressive prostate cancer. Scientists from Lund University has conducted a new study that showed that eating just one soft drink a day can cause increase the likelihood of more serious forms of cancer by 40%.

Also found that the risk of patients with mild forms of prostate cancer, often do not require treatment, increased by 31% when eating rice and pasta.

And those who consume at Breakfast, a large number of sugary cereals, the frequency of lung cancers increased by 38%. Disease prostate cancer is the second most common male cancer after lung diseases.

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To the study material on which publishes the American journal of clinical nutrition in the next issue, raised over 8 thousand men in aged 45-73 years. The participation of men in this study was accompanied by the passage of regular medical examinations and completing the diaries of information about used them food.

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