The risk exposure exceeds the risk of hereditary diseases

The Institute of cancer research Ontario evaluated the degree of danger of polluted air. It turned out that the polluted atmosphere is accompanied by a much greater risk of dangerous diseases than genetic inheritance. The results were published by The Daily Mail. The article emphasizes the negative impact of dirty air in which the changes affect not themselves genes, and their expression. The greatest danger is sulfur dioxide, which influence the 170 human genes are associated with asthma and diseases of the cardio-sosudistoi system.

The researchers conducted a comparative analysis of the levels of air pollution in Montreal and less populated cities of Canada and also looked at the genetics of about 1,000 residents of the study settlements. The researchers took into account the content in the air substances that have the ability of deep penetration into the lungs of the dioxides of nitrogen and sulfur, particulate matter.

The result was a significant excess of morbidity among representatives of large cities, compared to rural residents. In addition, citizens were more prone to alteration in the expression of genes, including those associated with lung function.

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