The right choice of corrective underwear

Choose corrective underwear strictly in size taking into account the fact that the figure could soon change. You must first remove the main dimensions of the body through the outermost points.

To remove correctly the size of the circle of the breast and to get corrective underwear for full, need to wear this bra to slightly lift the chest. The correct position would be if the nipples of the breast and jugular depression will form an equilateral triangle. To select a bra measure the circumference line of the nipple of the breast and under her breath. Centimeter not worth much to pull, but also free it should not be. The best option, if cm will fit your thumb. All measurements must be strictly without horizontal displacement along an oblique line.

To select a corset for waist and under bust. If you bend the arms at the elbow, the elbow will show even the most stout woman, where is the waistline. Measuring the waist, do not forget that under centimeter it is necessary to enclose the finger, and when measured at chest - breathe in the air to selected lingerie then was not close.

For selection of short panties, light shorts, leggings, combipress relieve hip circumference and waist. To compress the buttocks is not necessary, but rather needs the most protruding point of the buttocks and consequently the horizontal line for dimension accuracy.

Corrective underwear buy for everyday wear, so comfortable feeling choose the correct size in accordance with the body lines and shapes, and with a desire to emphasize something, and something to hide.

If there is a figure called "hourglass" with a thin waist and proportionate hips and shoulders of a larger size, then choose a corset to accent the waist. For lush Breasts bra - 4/4, and small - ¾.

If there is a figure called "triangle" or "pear", highlight the chest and raise it to distract from the more lush bottom. In this case, prefer a bra or combipress.

In the presence of rounded shapes in the form of "Apple" is preferable to buy a corset, a t-shirt to support your back as curvy shape properly load the spine. Here, preference is given to corrective shorts with high waist to correctly simulate thighs and belly.

For narrow hips and broad shoulders, as in athletes aquatic species, recommended corset or bras 3/3 in order to accentuate the chest and not your shoulders, shorts for lifting buttocks and accent the waist. The straps on the bra more buttons in the form x "X" visually slimming shoulders and increasing the breast.

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A woman's body is a natural diamond that requires the right cut. Help this corrective underwear.

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