The retina will show the risk of stroke

The American heart Association presented the light of new methods of diagnostics of stroke and predisposition to it. Diagnosis is based on the analysis of the retina and its condition.

The study involved three thousand people, suffering from hypertension. During this stroke, none of the investigated not moved. For the study, researchers took photographs of the retina of each examinee. The thing is that depending on its condition it is possible to put such diagnosis as hypertensive retinopathy It occurs when the damage to the blood vessels of the eye, and the degree of damage in the retina can put the degree of development of the disease: mild moderate and severe forms.

During experiment the stroke happened at 146 investigated. Clarified some questions about the studied diseases: with mild retinopathy, the risk of stroke was 35% when moderate and severe disease was observed and tremendously high risk of 137%.

The situation is not corrected and antihypertensive agents against high pressure. The probability of formation of a blood clot in the brain remained extremely high.

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The retina is the "monitor" state of the cardiovascular system, which today you can easily install many diseases of the circulatory system.

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