The results of the experiment: pregnant women are recommended to be vaccinated

After appropriate studies by physicians had been given a positive answer to this question. Expectant mothers are strongly recommended to be vaccinated after 28 weeks of pregnancy. This procedure will significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases in the newborn child. Vaccinations are particularly effective against microorganisms causing preterm infants whooping cough.

Now most healthcare providers recommend that pregnant women at 28 weeks to receive preventive vaccinations.

To confirm the necessity of implementation of preventive measures, researchers conducted a experiment. The experience was 160 mothers, while 31 women were invited to undergo a vaccination against whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, polio. Special vaccine, introduced expectant mothers, contained the antigens of the causative agents of these diseases. Subsequently, in preterm infants, we measured the level of antibodies.

By results of analyses it was several times higher than the unvaccinated kids. Re-fence of material for research was made at the 3rd month of life crumbs. A persistent effect of vaccination is preserved.

Therefore, timely vaccination of the mother protects the child from childhood diseases quite effectively. Vaccination of a woman, in the womb of which he was a child, have a positive effect on the immune system of the newborn, helps to reduce the risk of certain diseases in premature infants.

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