The rest, in which "all inclusive", makes tourists there twice

The daily rate for adult men is about 2.5 thousand calories, women need about two thousand. According to research, the first day of the rest with the system "all inclusive" people eat two times more than the norm. Data provided by the publication of The Daily Mail.

Scientists made a survey focus groups staying in the hotel with all inclusive. Breakfast at most tourists consists of a bowl of cereal and a classic English Breakfast of bacon and eggs. In addition is coffee, tea or orange juice. The energy value only Breakfast passes for 1000 calories.

The rest has to consume alcohol, so between Breakfast and lunch, many allow themselves a couple of cocktails, adding to the "piggy Bank" calories even 240 points. Next is lunch, lunch, dinner, constant snacking. In the average nutritional value of the first day is almost six thousand calories.

The system "all inclusive" is perceived by tourists as a completely free meal. Man forgets that he previously paid for your holiday, including food. In the end, greed leads to excess weight and fat deposits in the abdominal area.

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