The resolution of family problems using permutations of Hellinger

The German psychotherapist Bert helligvær established method of system set-UPS. The basis of this method is the study of the relationship of man inside the kind and identifying patterns. The use of arrangement allows you to see the deep roots of the problems to solve complicated life situation, to restore the relationship with loved ones, to survive during the crisis, to find happiness and love.

Placement on the Hellinger today recognized as the most effective method that gives you a quick and noticeable result. It allows you to eradicate problems connecting several generations. Under this approach, the family is a kind of system, the functioning of which is in accordance with certain laws and orders.

We all know the laws of the world, but few are aware of the existence of laws Kind, or as they called Hulliger, "Orders of love". The therapist believes that relations between people are supported by love. If the routine is broken due to some reasons, it leads to the loss of love, and therefore, the quarrels, the decay of families, illness, sudden death. Held on this subject by psychologists seminars are a striking proof of the correctness of the Hellinger.

Using the arrangement of Hellinger, you can explore and discover a variety of problems. One of the most difficult experiences for people - loss of loved ones. Placement give the opportunity to end the relationship with deceased relatives, to take a heavy loss, including children. Using this method, it is possible not only to solve complex situations related to the couple relationship, a love triangle, conflicts between children and parents, including those from different marriages, but also interrupt the sequence of the heavy fate in the genus, to work with symptoms of diseases and much more.

Family constellations help to get rid of fears and uncertainty, provide an opportunity to overcome disease and to achieve a high professional growth.

The uniqueness of the placings of the Hellinger is that participants are selected on the resonance and in progress own work similar problems, making amazing for its opening. Solve the situation entirely understood, it remains dark spots or immature moments. An important aspect of this method is that the person is experiencing fully the whole situation, being aware of the motives of other actors as a result, stress relief and emotional cleansing.

If you want to try to solve problems with the mushers this method, you should seek the advice of a psychologist in Moscow or another city. Usually to use lineups must register for the seminar at which you and other participants will solve their problems.

The approach to solve the problems proposed by Hellinger, lets take another look at his experiences and to find harmony in relation with the world and themselves.

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