The researchers used a mutated tumor proteins in the development of cancer vaccine

Experts from Medical school at Washington University in St. Louis developed a prototype anticancer vaccines against cancer. The basis of preparation went mutated tumor proteins. The successful conduct of all tests will give the world hope for the appearance of the first drug in order to secure the prevention of cancer.

In cancer cells undergoing changes of proteins. The scientists took samples of proteins and made on the basis of their drug. The vaccine three volunteers gave an immune response.

While on the effectiveness of the drugs is difficult to judge. It is unknown whether there is enough developed with the introduction of vaccine immunity, to prevent the formation of tumors, writes the journal Science.

The immune response was formed two weeks after taking the medicine. Physicians noted a strong immune response. "We have long thought about using mutated proteins of the tumor. However, previously we lacked technological solutions," commented the study's author Beatrix Carreno.

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