The researchers tested the antibodies that suppress HIV

Experts from the USA and Germany conducted a test antibody, active against HIV, and received data on the effectiveness of the method. Antibody 3BNC117 managed to obtain in the laboratory by cloning. The study provided the substance cope with 195 of 237 strains of HIV known.

In a clinical trial was attended by 29 volunteers. Intramuscularly they introduced the drug, including antibodies 3BN117. Monitoring of patients was conducted over 56 days. During this time, doctors noted a significant reduction in the number of HIV particles in the blood of volunteers. In some cases, there were 300-fold reduction in the virus population.

Most effective 3BN117 has in the first weeks after the introduction, however, the effectiveness of the preparation is kept at the eighth week of treatment. The study is published in the edition of Nature.

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