The researchers found "the gene for gray hair"

The study of 6,000 people genome scientists have found genes responsible for hair color, hair structure and the development of gray hair. IRF4 gene simultaneously determines color, and the speed of propagation of gray hair, writes Zee News, referring to the results obtained.

The cause of gray hair – no hair coloring pigment melanin. Affecting the IRF4 gene, can achieve the opposite colouring of grey hair. Another gene (PRSS53), as it turns out, is responsible for whether hair grow straight or curl. Density determines the EDAR gene, and the presence of unibrows – PAX3.

Some people have gray hair does not appear even in old age. This phenomenon occurs in about 10% of the population of the planet. According to statistics, the gray hairs are beginning to appear in 45-65 years, with age, the percentage of gray hair about colored hair increases.

Yet effective way of dealing with gray hair, coloring in addition to funds does not exist. However, in the near future the situation may change, experts say.

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